We believe healthy eating is easy & enjoyable! Our goals are simple:

  1. Save you time & decrease stress
  2. Ensure healthy tastes delicious
  3. Create happier, healthier people!

We’re with you every step of the way with grocery lists, prep day & serve day instructions.

PrepChef is a team effort. Heidi Visser (Foodie Goes Primal) and Brad Brown (Live LCHF & Real Meal Radio) have teamed up to create PrepChef.

About Heidi Visser

Heidi is a Foodie…She loves to eat good food, hence she loves to cook.

Heidi VisserShe also likes to be healthy and active and believes that good food doesn’t have to be compromised by leading a healthy lifestyle. Or the other way round – health doesn’t need to be compromised by loving food and loving to eat good food. {And by ‘good food’, she means ‘gourmet’, ‘tasty’, ‘yum’, ‘lick-your-fingers-it’s-so-good’ food!}

Three years ago she decided to give up carbs. She stopped eating grains and processed carbs, like bread, pastas, rice, etc. She also cut out sugar to a large degree and all processed foods.

It was not a diet she went on, it was a new lifestyle path.

Heidi doesn’t believe in dieting! If you make some temporary change to your ‘diet’ in order to lose weight or whatever, you’re bound to go back to your old ways once you’ve reached your goal, unless you decide to stick to it for life, and then it might just be a boring old life ahead of you…

Heidi decided {for various reasons, health being the main one} to make certain permanent changes to my diet:

  • no more carbs {except for those in vegetables, but not potatoes}
  • no more sugar {where possible}
  • no more processed foods {everything she makes comes from whole, natural ingredients}

Being a foodie and all, Heidi wants to inspire people to cook good, wholesome and tasty food.

No extremes of measuring and weighing every single protein, fat or whatever, just the principles listed above. This is not a dieting site, nor do she give any nutritional advice, apart from the facts that are true in her life.

Heidi’s recipes are mostly Paleo, often Banting, always Low Carb.

About Brad Brown


Brad has an incredible story. From a 165kg couch potato in 2009, Brad has lost in excess of 50kg en route to finishing some of the most gruelling endurance events on the planet including the Comrades Marathon and Ironman.

An online entrepreneur Brad launched the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast which has subsequently morphed into Real Meal Radio which he hosts alongside authors of the Real Meal Revolution, Jonno Proudfoot and Prof Tim Noakes.

Just like, Heidi, Brad also believes that low carb high fat or Banting is not a diet. It is a way of life.

Brad and Heidi look forward to saving you time and money while showing you just how easy it is to following a healthy lifestyle.